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About Us

Argeron Medical Company carries out research & development and production activities of innovative medical products -that meet unmet needs- including in vitro diagnostic kits worldwide that helps early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, kidney injury, Alzheimer and other dementias due to aging.

It has UTS and CE quality certificates for the products it produces within the framework of IVDR quality standards. National and international patent processes of the innovative technologies developed in the field continue.

Argeron was awarded the 1st Prize in the 11th TET Project Market Health Category, and was selected as the Deep Technology Pioneer in the Hello Tomorrow Health field.



Argeron-NephroTesT® is a solution for the measurement of trehalase activity in urine. For use with urine glucose measurement kits in the field of in vitro diagnostics (biochemical medical diagnosis) to measure urinary trehalase enzyme activity as an indicator of kidney damage.

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Argeron NephroTesT
is selected to the
G4A Turkey 2022
StartUp Program
Kidney Function Test Solution


Protein Deamidation Based Biological Aging Rate Measurement Test

It can be used for the discovery of the factors affecting the rate of protein deamidation, which has a possible role in the emergence of aging and age-related diseases, the development of strategies that can prevent/slow down deamidation, and the determination of deamidation rates in individuals; It is a test with high repeatability and accuracy, easy to do and low cost.


Optimize your Cellular Energy by Depleting Deuterium

Reduce Deuterium Interference by Drinking Hafifsu Daily


Drinking Hafifsu deuterium depleted water allows you to lower your body's deuterium levels at your own pace and maintain the easiest most powerful anti-aging strategy that exists.

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According to scientific criteria, TIT-UriCollecT® (Urine Collector with Tube) provides the functions of 3 different products (1-urine collection container + 2-urine centrifuge tube + 3-pasteur pipette / automatic pipette tip) which are currently used together for urine analysis in medical laboratories.

Argeron Magoten (Magnetic Auto Injector)®

Requiring the person to do first aid and emergency response to himself or others; It provides a safe and easy use when there is a need for intradermal, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, it works with magnetic principle, it is short because it does not need a spring or piston rod, it can be easily carried by users, It is a clothing mountable and low cost injector.

Our magnetic auto-injector initiative became one of the 14 startups that won the right to participate in Biostartup 2022, Turkey's first and only biotechnology-themed accelerator program supported by the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (AİFD).

TIT-UriCollecT (Each Field [HS] -- Volume [L] converter)

Count the shaped elements in at least 10 separate sites with a 40x lens. Find the average number by dividing the total number by the number of sites counted.



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